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SBLs & ICT Teams: How To Work Better Together
Episode 3826th October 2021 • School Business Leadership • Laura Williams
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Neil Limbrick, IT Consultant and Partner of Limbrick Consultancy LLP, joins me to talk about the challenges facing the sector today and how SBLs and ICT teams can work together to create some truly innovative and sustainable solutions.

In particular, Neil digs into the key relationship that is the SBL and ICT lead and talks about how you can develop a shared mission and vocabulary to make that partnership even stronger.

The episode at a glance:

[2:32] – Neil talks about the challenges that schools and particularly ICT teams have faced throughout the pandemic

[9:28] – Neil discusses the disconnects and the common ground between SBLs and ICT and how we can accomplish more together

[20:55] – Neil talks about what we can do better to help the ICT team do their job to maximum effectiveness before turning the tables onto ICT teams…

[26:14] Neil emphasises the value of ICT and the ongoing financial investment needed when you make an ICT purchase

[39:11] – Neil gives us his final thoughts on how ICT and SBLs can have a synergistic relationship

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