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What To Do When Something Bad Happens? 3 tips to Move Forward!
Episode 1111th September 2021 • Growth Velocity Show - Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and Startup Tip‪s‬ • Howard Kingston
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What To Do When Something Bad Happens? 3 tips to Move Forward!

Bad things happen, things out of your control.
It’s less about what’s happening, it is more about how you deal with it.
I will give you 3 tips about what to do when something bad happens and how to move forward.

00:00 What do you do when something bad happens.
01:20 What happened to my business?
03:03 First thing to do!
04:05 Be proud!
05:42 Michael Jordan kind of thinking! Path to success
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Welcome to the growth velocity podcast where you learn from the world's greatest entrepreneurs, marketers and changemakers to help you get the success you are destined for faster. If you are looking for growth in your business and life, you are in the right place. here's your host, Howard Kingston growth velocity podcast.


What's up everyone, Howard here from Growth Velocity Academy. What happens when something bad happens? Something not according to plan? Something you didn't want, sometimes completely out of the blue? I just want to talk about that because, it's easy to just talk about all the good things but the reality is, in your career, in your business, bad things happen. Things that were outside your control.


So I just want to talk about that and this came up because a member of our level 2 program (I won't mention the person's name) is an entrepreneur and has been growing their business over the last year and, you know, in difficult times. You know and it is difficult times to launch a business at the moment. Well, there's never an easy time and like massive props on her for launching that business. But then, out of the blue over the weekend something, some government thing happened and someone from the government reached out and basically told her she couldn't run her business anymore.


Okay now guys that sucks, and I'm going to talk about what do you do when something like that happens? How do you handle that?


I remember when, a few years ago, when I was growing my mobile advertising business at Lulio, um, I remember getting a letter and it was like one of these, you know, these letters that come that you have to sign for it, so you know it's something really official and it had American stamps on it and I was like what's this? Opened it up and it was a Cease-and-Desist letter from a company, the lawyers of a company based in San Francisco.


Basically, when I launched that business, we called it originally Future Ad Labs. Right, and we're about two years in and, you know, kind of stuff like that at this point, and had quite a few customers and Stuff. And there was a company in San Francisco called Future Ads, so something kind of similar and they trademarked it. So, it was a Cease-and-Desist letter. So, we basically had to completely change the name of the company or they'd sue us.


All right, now we had to make a call on that right. Now, we could fight it or, essentially, we made a call that, listen, we could either fight that or we could use the same amount of energy it would probably take to fight it just to rebrand. Okay, and that's what we decided to do.


All right, so was it something I wanted to do? Nope. Was it a pain in the ass? Yes. But that's what I want to talk about today. What happens, it's less about it happening because stuff will happen. It's more about how you deal with it. All right and that's what I want to talk about. So, I want to talk about three tips about if that happens to you, what do you do?


So Tip Number One is, first of all, just accept. Just feel it. Right, it sucks. I'm not going to be here, like, I don't want to be that kind of guy that is just like oh everything's good no matter what. Like of course it sucks and, like, just accept it, um, except it sucks. But then when you've accepted, when you're accepting it sucks, just a little bit like in my story I talked about, I can decide here. I can choose to spend a lot of negative energy on this, fighting, going to legal battles, stuff like that. Or I can do something good with that. And in the end, we rebranded, it turned out to be a really good thing, really fun project and it was a good thing. Right, so step number one is just accept it and decide how you're going to react with it. Okay but like it's almost like, first of all, you need to go through a little bit of a grieving process, right.


Now the second point is once you've felt that and accepted, and there's nothing wrong with feeling bad about it in that moment, is you must be doing something right. If someone's noticing you enough to send you a legal letter, or a government reaching out to you. and that's one of the big things I thought. I remember when that happened to me, I was like that sucks but, guess what, we must be doing something right if a company in San Francisco hears about us and decides that, you know what, we better do something about that because they've got a similar name. Because they obviously spent money doing that, so almost take it as a compliment that you're doing something right and when you're growing something, when you're like launching something, your career, your business, whatever, things are going to happen like that.


It's just part of the game and almost, like sometimes, like some people go through their whole careers never being noticed. Always kind of keeping safe and never putting themselves out there, and when you put yourself out there you know things are going to hit. Things are going to bump into you and almost take it as a compliment, that you're going in the right direction. Okay so the second point there is really take it as, try and take it as a compliment. You're doing something right because some people never get noticed and you've just been noticed by someone like whether the government or uh you know someone on the other side of the world amazing.


And then Tip Number Three, and this is one of my favourite quotes that I read to myself regularly, is a quote from a basketball player. All right and this basketball player has this quote that says: I've missed more than 9 000 shots in my career, I've lost almost 300 games 26 times, someone gave me the ball to take the match winning shot and I missed it over and over and over. I've failed and that's why I succeeded.


And that is a quote from a basketball player you all know called Michael Jordan, and the lesson in that is this is the path to success. The path to success is not always things going the way you want it to, because that's just not life. If you are on the road to success things like this are going to happen. So think about if you kind of pull a line up to the right in your mind. It's not a straight line, it's a wiggly line. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes it's down. And things like that you'll get some wins and you get some failures, but the failures are just part of the road to your final success.


Okay so guys just wanted to share a message here that if you're. Whatever you're doing, let's Say you're launching your business, you're changing career, you're doing something and that which is aligned with where you want to get to. So good stuff's going to happen, great. But also, some bad stuff's going to happen, and it's less about that the bad thing happened, it's more so that you deal with it. You just keep moving through it, because it's part of the process. It's just part of the process.


Think about Michael Jordan and his quote. Imagine like he must felt, imagine being given the match winning ball, everyone in the stadium looking at you and missing. But he kept on stepping up and going again and going again and going again. So this stuff, if anything like that has happened to you, just keep on going, keep on going, do it Again, do it again, do it again.


Okay so guys I'm Howard from Growth Velocity Academy, if you know somebody that this message would serve, please share it with them so we can get this message out to as many people as possible, and please comment in the comments one big takeaway for you. Okay peace out and chat soon you.