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Episode 31: 3 Myths About Email Marketing
Episode 3119th August 2021 • Cocktails & Content Creation • Cocktails & Content Creation
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Episode 31: 3 Myths About Email Marketing 

Welcome to the thirty-first episode of the Cocktails & Content Creation Podcast! For this episode, we’re chatting with Bev Feldman of Your Personal Tech Fairy. She’s debunking the three myths when it comes to email marketing - a super important and often ignored part of your selling strategy.  

In our thirty-first episode you’ll learn:

  • What Email Marketing is and why it is so important for your business
  • Tips on how to get people to sign up for your emails
  • Bev’s three myths about email marketing including the fact that people actually do want to hear what you have to say!
  • The low down on the best tools for email marketing made easy

About our Guest:

Beverly Feldman is a marketing technology consultant who helps mission-driven coaches, course creators, and service providers to get their email systems set up and automated using her 7-part framework. While Your Personal Tech Fairy officially launched at the beginning of 2021, she has been a business owner and blogger for a decade and has been doing email marketing & automation for her own businesses for about five years. 

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