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How Speaking Makes Sales Simple with Helena Bowen
Episode 410th September 2020 • Coffee and Converse • Diane Mayor
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Accelerate the timeline from prospect to buyer in your customer journey. Helena Bowen gets you on the fast track to new clients by bringing TED talk inspired speaking to your business without the red circle.

While physical stages are few and far between in the current climate, Helena walks you through all the opportunities in the online space from traditional Facebook Lives to the more creative TikTok moments.

Key Takeaway

Speaking is the easiest way for someone to get a feel for what working with you might be like so that by the time they book a sales call, they are far more ready to buy.

We talk about...

  • The key to speech writing that might surprise you
  • Where you can speak that isn’t a physical stage given the current climate
  • Why you should choose speaking over written social media posts
  • Creating your own celebrity status 
  • How to get past the perfectionism when you’re getting started


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