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SoloMoms! Talk - J. Rosemarie EPISODE 16, 20th April 2021
Unpacking Monsters - Byrdy Lynn

Unpacking Monsters - Byrdy Lynn

If you stuff enough bad experiences in the closet of your mind, sooner or later stuff will overflow. They will start to drip out as harmful emotions that drive you to make poor decisions.

Byrdy Lynn's used her anger in a destructive way. Fortunately she sought the help she needed and learned to focus on the needs of her child rather than feed into her own wants.


  • acknowledge the green shoots that rise from the concrete (blessings)
  • Don't allow your emotions to define your situation
  • When you're ready to open the door to your past hurt, make sure you have the tools you need to deal with the repercussion of stuffing them away in the first place.
  • Acknowledge that it happened and get help how you can

Byrdy's emotion was anger. But your's might be fear or misplaced desires.

"Some people don't talk about being sexually abused or raped because they do not think they will be validated" Byrdy Lynn

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