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Where to Invest Your Digital Marketing Budget in 2020 with Neil Patel [SDI]| Podcast #21
Episode 212nd July 2020 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Neil Patel is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and analytics expert who specializes in SEO and digital marketing, he has co-founded several marketing tech. companies including KissMetrics, Hello Bar, and Crazy Egg. He also now runs his own ad agency called Neil Patel Digital and a KW research tool, UberSuggest. Over the years he has helped big companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Airbnb, Google, and HP  to help them grow through his amazing marketing skills. Among his many achievements, Neil has been recognized as a New York Times bestselling author, a top influencer by the Wall Street Journal, a Top 10 Marketer by Forbes, a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by former US president Barack Obama, a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations, and he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies according to Entrepreneur Magazine. Neil also runs a blog about marketing that has generated over 3 million visitors per month, he co-hosts his own podcast with Eric Siu,  Marketing School, that has generated over 1 million listens per month and a YouTube channel about marketing that has over 10 million views.

 During this interview we cover:

  • Digital Marketing trends 
  • Risk & opportunities for SaaS founders & Marketers  
  • Ubersuggest Freemium to Customer conversion rate numbers 
  • The right time to make the switch to go from freemium to paid vs. Raise VC capital to keep fueling user growth  
  • Comparing keyword research tools in the market and where does Ubersuggest stands  
  • SEO Automation an AI 
  • Digital marketing and investing trends for 2020 and during COVID-19 
  • Key Metrics and Red Flags to look for when Investing  
  • Building a SaaS company VS Marketing Agency  
  • Real SEO experts and high-value products VS frauds/lower quality ones 
  • Where to focus your Marketing efforts and budget in 2020  
  • Focusing on Mid or Top of funnel content marketing?

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