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Oh Yeah!, Insurance Changes & Happiness
Episode 1748th September 2023 • The Higher Standard • Chris Naghibi & Saied Omar
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They boys open the show without Haroon who is once again out on PTO while he visits his in-laws in "Sac." They quickly jump in to a discussion regarding the changing landscape of home insurance in America. Many home insurers are starting to or have already cut natural disaster from policies as climate risks continue to mount. As a proxy, Chris and Saied leverage a Wall Street Journal article which asks the question "Are we ready for a $100 billion dollar catastrophe?" Global insured losses from natural disasters and the number of billion-dollar insured loss events worldwide have increased over time visibly. After all the negativity, Chris wanted to make a pivot in to something positive and highlights an article from CNBC which identifies the three things that Americans say define wealth in their mind. Shockingly none of them require making money, but most of them are a byproduct of making money. Without Haroon in the studio, you will need to pay homage to him by opening a beverage mid-show in order to cover for him in his obnoxious absence.


The Fed's preferred inflation measure stayed high in July — and consumers are continuing to spend (CNN Business)

Bigger Pockets x The Data Deli Instagram (Instagram)

Full impact of Fed hikes still to be seen in real economy, ex-vice chair Blinder says (Reuters)

Home insurers cut natural disasters from policies as climate risks grow (The Washington Post)

Are We Ready for a $100 Billion Catastrophe? How About $200 Billion? (The Wall Street Journal)

Americans say these 3 things define wealth -none of them require making a lot of money (CNBC)

Americans Are Bailing on Their Home Insurance (The Wall Street Journal)

Unemployment rate unexpectedly rose to 3.8% in August as payrolls increased by 187,000 (CNBC)

Here's where the jobs are for August 2023 - in one chart (CNBC)

Shoppers pull back on 'big ticket' items as furniture, appliance sales lag (Yahoo! Finance)

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