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2.You grow through what you grow through
Episode 23rd June 2024 • The Child Charmer • Chrissie Davies- Child Behaviour Specialist
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In this episode, Chrissie Davies - child behaviour specialist, shares her very raw, but important message about the importance of schools, teachers and families working together. She speaks openly and honestly, from her heart, as a mum who really just wanted to try to get an education for her kids.

Chrissie and her family were met very abruptly with a juxtaposition in family and educational values once her kids hit formal learning, and this sent her absolutely reeling. As a specialist teacher she had sat with many parents as they wept, sharing stories of how their kids were excluded, mistreated and marginalised. And now, Chrissie had become of those parents too. She felt completely betrayed and let down by the beloved education system that she had passionately dedicated her entire career to.

Thankfully, though Chrissie had more knowledge than most. She had listened and learnt from the others parents she had supported, and she also had insider knowledge about how the Education System operated. She continued to tirelessly push for answers, advocate for her kids, and believe in the value of school communities. She finally found a trauma informed school that saw her kids for who they truly were- and it changed all of their lives.

Chrissie wants to share her story far and wide because she never lost sight of her children's capabilities and strengths, and she hopes that this will also encourage you to do the same.

Either as a parent, teacher, counsellor, therapist or school leader.

Together we can make a difference.

Connect with Chrissie:

Website: Chaos to Calm Consultancy

Instagram: @chrissiechaostocalm

Facebook: Chaos to Calm Consultancy




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