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26 | Being an InfluencHER - Women in Tech Trailblazers
30th April 2024 • Elevate Your Career • Nicole McMackin
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Today's episode of Elevate Your Career is a recast of a conversation between Nicole and the hosts of the Women in Tech Trailblazers podcast.

During the conversation, Nicole shares her journey and challenges in a sector where women are significantly underrepresented. The discussion openes with Nicole's extensive accolades and her efforts in spearheading initiatives aimed at empowering women through leadership programs and mentorship. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity and resilience for women striving to elevate their careers in technology, highlighting the need to maintain one's true self amidst professional challenges.

Throughout the episode, Nicole discusses her innovative approaches to overcoming barriers for women in tech, such as her cost-free career development programs which have significantly impacted women's advancement in the industry. These programs, coupled with her leadership, have facilitated a 71% elevation rate for participants, showcasing her commitment to actionable change. Nicole's strategy involves not just addressing the challenges women face but also actively creating solutions that foster an inclusive environment. This proactive stance is reflected in her personal story of choosing a tech career over law, driven by her desire to make a substantial impact.

The conversation also explores the broader implications of mentorship and networking in enhancing career trajectories for women. Nicole stresses the transformative power of having a supportive network and mentors, particularly highlighting her involvement with the Young Presidents Organization which helped her initiate a women-focused subgroup. Nicole also offers advice to women aiming to amplify their influence in tech, urging them to define and cultivate their personal brand and to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. Her insights not only shed light on the hurdles women encounter but also illuminated pathways to leadership and success in the tech industry.

Join Nicole, Jordan and Tiffany for this fascinating and inspiring conversation!


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • How Nicole champions authentic leadership and the importance of staying true to oneself in the male-dominated tech industry.
  • How mentorship plays a critical role in career development, with insights from studies showing that women with mentors are 55% more likely to advance in their careers.
  • The challenges women face in tech, such as lack of visibility and mentorship, and the various solutions Nicole has implemented through her initiatives.
  • Nicole’s approach to facing fears and building confidence, especially in public speaking and leadership roles.
  • The importance of creating networks and how these relationships can help propel women’s careers in technology.
  • How women can build and manage their professional brand to increase their influence in the tech sector.
  • And so much more...




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