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001: Curiosity: How has it changed the course of your life?
8th February 2017 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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Ever considered how curiosity impacts your life or COULD? Join host Mike Domitrz and CAST members Rick Clemons and Laurie Guest as they explore curiosity, what their clients think about curiosity and how being curious has changed the course of their lives. The conversation goes to all the right places, as Laurie talks about choosing a new friend each year, Rick reveals the three things that stop people from being curious, and Mike confesses curiosity and discovery fuel the fire that ignites his passion. Subscribe to the Everyday Mindfulness Show.   Key Takeaways: [1:14] Laurie has an annual mindset theme which includes recruiting a new friend every year. [3:13] Rick’s mantra is, “What is one bold thing I can do every day?” [8:22] Three Things that stop people from being curious. [9:45] Mike lives for curiosity, mindfulness, and discovery. [14:04] What audacious curiosity means to Rick and Laurie. [22:06] Entrepreneurs need their own branch to hang on to. [26:07] Whose curiosity voice is speaking in your head? [31:09] What movies inspire curiosity in Rick, Laurie, and Mike? [36:41] Without curiosity, there is no joy.   Mentioned in This Episode: The Everyday Mindfulness Show Born to Run by Christopher McDougall Landmark All That Jazz Movie Sliding Doors Movie La La Land Movie   If you look up fun in the dictionary, you won’t see a picture of Laurie Guest, CSP. That would be weird. But if you ask any one of the thousands of people who have been in her audiences, they will use the word “fun” to describe both her style and their experience. Laurie is a certified speaking professional, a designation held by less than 12% of speakers worldwide. She is a published author with her book Wrapped in Stillness: A Personal Retreat Guide.   Rick Clemons is the Author of Frankly My Dear I’m Gay, Host of The Coming Out Lounge podcast, certified life coach, TEDx Speaker, world record holder, and a guy who’s helped 1000’s of people in over 50 countries across the globe come out of the closets of their lives to escape their bullshit, explore their fears, and elevate their f*cking self-expression.