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Jason Ziernicki, Warwick Gaming: From Unemployment to an 8-Figure Affiliate Business
Episode 714th June 2022 • Monetize Media • CBWG Media Group LLC
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On today’s episode, Kyle interviews his partner and co-host of this show, Jason Ziernicki. Jason started from building a small local SEO shop to becoming the largest daily fantasy sports affiliate in America before building a sports media business with Kyle, which was eventually sold for $25 million. He talks about his process from leaving his job with a baby on the way in 2008, to starting a local digital marketing agency, to becoming an SEO powerhouse in one of the most competitive fields (daily fantasy sports). The moment he almost failed. Building a business with Kyle. And the mental toll of the acquisition process.

This was a really fun interview - we wanted to take time to interview each of ourselves to really get behind the process of how we got to where we are, and Jason’s unbelievable story of someone who has gone from super lean beginnings with a single laptop to becoming one of the biggest affiliates in the US.

  • (0:08) Kyle introduces Jason and the episode.  
  • (1:40) The new “tell two friends” referral program and the origin story of Jason Ziernicki as he quit his job with a baby on the way to get into SEO.
  • (13:15) The affiliate model that Jason used, why it was so successful for him, and the biggest affiliate check he ever received, and the volume of traffic during the DSF peak. 
  • (19:23) The negative ramifications of regulation in the industry and its impact on revenue.
  • (25:47) Jason’s biggest mistake Jason has ever made. 
  • (28:42) The balance between planning and risk taking, and how to make calculated risks in business.    
  • (35:04) How Jason got into sports betting when it was first legalized. 
  • (38:42) How Jason partnered with Kyle and why they decided to work together.     
  • (49:13) How Jason and Kyle grew a business together.  
  • (53:50) How Jason and Kyle combined and scaled, what made their business good, and how they approached scaling nationally in sports betting.  
  • (01:05:03) How COVID impacted the business.  
  • (01:07:44)  The acquisition process and how they got through it.
  • (01:13:19) How Jason used to explain what he does for a living and how it has changed.   
  • (01:15:11) The scariest moment during Jason’s journey. 
  • (01:16:40) The one tool or service that Jason can’t do his job without. 
  • (01:18:56) Where you can find Jason online.


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