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44. Learning to Step Back from the Baggage Claim, with Jason Barger
Episode 449th November 2020 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Jason Barger is a globally celebrated author, speaker, and consultant and the creator of The Step Back from the Baggage Claim movement.

Jason is committed to engaging the minds and hearts of people in order to strengthen leadership, culture, clarity of mission, visions, and values — a culmination of his life experiences, from growing up in Egypt to going on a Christmas adventure to help tear down the Berlin wall to spending seven days in seven cities without leaving an airport.

What Brett asks:

  • [02:30] What was your early life like?
  • [07:45] What was it like growing up in Egypt, Portugal, and Berlin?
  • [10:40] How did those experiences abroad impact you?
  • [13:15] Tell us more about your experience in Berlin and helping to tear down the Berlin Wall.
  • [22:50] How did playing basketball help form you?
  • [24:50] Were you wired to lean into leadership? Or was it developed by your experience?
  • [31:40] Where did you learn to combine work and play?
  • [37:50] Tell the story of when you quit your job of 10 years to go on an adventure.
  • [48:40] Let’s talk about Thermostat Cultures

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