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Motivating Your Team Member Starts With This
Episode 31712th January 2023 • Salon Owners Collective • Larissa Macleman
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It’s time to ditch the old way of how you lead your Salon team to succeed. Ok, let me explain… Too often, I see Salon Owners who constantly feel like they have to chase their team members up. Ugh, it’s exhausting, right?! You try to flag your team members down during a busy day in the Salon, doing what I call ‘hallway management’, simply because there’s no other time to check in!  I get it…leading and managing a growing team is sometimes tough.  Constantly trying to keep up with them, juggling team drama, bad behavior, underperformance, or worst of all… resignations.  But what if I told you that the key to finally feeling in control and ahead of your team, is to shift your mindset… not chase them in the hallway. In this episode, I will share with you the proven strategies behind building a successful team of superstars (ones that actually want to work for you and LOVE what they do).  This is actually an inside sneak-peak into a recent Salon Mastery Coaching Call I had with a few owners on exactly this topic.  Not only does this give you a taste of what it's like inside of Salon Mastery but we solve a few teams challenges when it comes to keeping your team motivated, so your business can continue to grow into a million-dollar Salon. 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Get an inside sneak-peak into a recent Salon Mastery Coaching Call
  2. Go from hallway management of your Salon to being in front of them
  3. Proven step-by-step strategies to get your team to love what they do (and stick around)

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