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Four Ways to Shed Fat Part 2
Episode 613rd August 2022 • Elemental Evan • Evan Roberts
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Four Ways to Shed Fat Part 2

This week's episode continues off of last week's Wellness Wednesday episode. In this episode Evan covers the last 2 ways in which you can radically burn fat. Combining these 2 methods with the other two methods mentioned on last weeks episode is a sure fire way to shed some unwanted fat. Along with correcting your diet and fasting Evan provides two additional ways to help burn off fat with one of them being an unlikely method. You'll definitely want to tune into this episode to better understand how to not only burn fat but, to maintain the body you want, and to increase your overall health and longevity! I hope this episode provides massive value to your life and helps you on your path to health and wellness!

Do everything with good intentions and connect to your elements!


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