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DANIEL BERRIO GALAN - My Wife's Cancer and Me
1st October 2020 • Guild of Dads: The Home of Dadprovement • Joe Horton
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Daniel Berrio Galan is a practicing GP in Somerset in the West Country, Husband and Father of Three, and Mindful Self Compassion Advocate at Second Mountain Coaching.

His Wife was diagnosed with an inoperable Brain Tumour which turned his families life upside down.

In this moving conversation I discuss with Daniel:

  • How he found out about his Wife's diagnosis and how his third child had to be induced early.
  • The range of emotions he experienced in the aftermath and the tools he has used to find self compassion throughout 
  • Why he had to challenge a number of beliefs and ideals about what truly mattered to him
  • The manner in which he approached the medical side of things given his expertise and knowledge in the area
  • We also talk about Mindful Self Compassion, the part it now plays in Daniels life and the way in which Men want to self isolate an fix.

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