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What To Do if You Are Single
18th July 2022 • Institute of Men • Keaton Tucker
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What should you do with your life if you are single? How should you grow? In this episode, we talk about how to spend your time and what to do with your life while you are single that will set you up for a great marriage.
1.  Die to yourself daily. In marriage you find out how selfish you are, throw in a child and you really find out how selfish you are. Selfish people ruin marriages, dying to yourself is the cure.
a.  Do something inconvenient to you. Do something against your preferences. Do something you don’t want to do. It’s good for you.
b.  There are few things that irritate me more than a man who cannot be inconvenienced for the sake of others. The gravitational pull of his selfishness is so strong that if he is asked to do something or expected to do something that is outside his preferences, he throws a fit. It drives me nuts. Good luck with that attitude man, in all of life, but especially being married. You’re gonna have a hard time and your wife will come to resent you.
c.  You will find out how much you need to die to yourself when you get married so you might as well practice now, it’ll be much easier.
2.  Go help build your local church however you can. I think every single man should serve in youth or kids for at least 4 years.
3.  Figure out what kind of man you want to be and pursue that relentlessly.
4.  Memorize and live out Proverbs 24.
a.  Verse 27 – get some direction in your life. Find a career you can stick to for several years, work really hard, grow, doubt, and endure. Then build your house (get married, have a family). This also has to do with money: make sure you have the income to support your house.
b.  Verse 28-29 – practice non retaliating and telling the truth. If you retaliate when you are single, you will when you are married and its not gonna go well for you.
5.  Rid your life of laziness. Take on as much responsibility as you can.
a.  Proverbs 24:30-34
6.  Learn how to handle money/get out of debt/self-control with money.
7.  Enjoy it.
Read great books. Don’t read self help nonsense. It’s got the nutritional value of cotton candy for your soul and character. I know plenty of people who have become wealthy by following steps in self-help books, but I have yet to meet anyone interesting, with something to say, with deep character, who read self-help books. Read good books, old books.
Learn to write. That way you learn how to think, and it’ll force you to put into words what you believe. It sounds clear in your mind till you put it on paper and then not so much. Till you practice
Learn to speak. Precision in your words and the ability to speak on any occasion is a skill you will need for the rest of your life. Being able to speak is the great skill every man should master. Easiest way to begin to learn to speak is reading out loud.


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