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The Smart Money Gal - How to Stretch Your Vacation Dollars
Episode 128th June 2021 • The Smart Money Gal • Jennifer Perri
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What if you could stretch your $5,000 budget into a $10,000 vacation? With some research and planning, taking a nicer vacation than you think you can afford is well within your reach!

In the newest installment of The Smart Money Gal, Jennifer explores each of the main expenses when traveling on vacation: transportation, lodging, time of year, and even vacation packages. Stretching your vacation dollars is easy if you do your homework.

By considering that your main expenses are likely transportation, food, and lodging, you can make substantial efforts to minimize those costs and leave room for more of the fun stuff!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another thought-provoking conversation on how you can stretch your vacation dollars as a whole.


00:20 - We all deserve a vacation

01:30 - Deals are everywhere

02:14 - Tackling airline pricing and logistics

05:50 - Search for lodging that is providing deals, coupons, and additional offerings

08:33 - Consider a cruise or any all-inclusive vacations for budgeting reasons

10:45 - Keep an eye out for group rates

12:00 - Consider little trips to enjoy the things already located in your area or state

15:10 - Pack carry-on luggage only

16:30 - At the end of the dat, your kids only want a change of scenery and to be with you

18:30 - Establish your overall budget first and put any leftovers back into savings

21:00 - Let's celebrate these moments and share them with The Smart Money Gal

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