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Putting on a Virtual Event People Actually Want to Attend
Episode 61st March 2022 • Demand Gen U •
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What’s the secret to getting people to attend your virtual event? Not just to show up, but to actually want to be there and participate.  

Jason Widup, VP of Marketing, and Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing at Metadata, break down some of the ways they promoted a Metadata virtual event successfully.

Listen to the full session to learn how to successfully plan, promote, and host your virtual event so that people want to show up.

Find out:

  • Why getting clear on your intent is the first step to planning a successful event
  • How to set realistic goals for your virtual event
  • The different ways Metadata promoted its virtual event

0:00 – 0:39 Introduction

0:39 – 2:26 What is a virtual event?

2:26 – 6:38 Where the idea for a Metadata virtual event came from

6:38 – 11:21 Figuring out the event’s main concept

11:21 – 15:15 How to build intent for your virtual event

15:15 – 19:28 Setting goals for a virtual event

19:28 – 23:27 Finding the right speakers

23:27 – 27:11 How the launch was planned

27:12 – 31:05 Metadata’s launch promotion strategy

31:06 – 35:26 How Metadata drove engagement through contests

35:26 – 37:26 What we could have done differently

37:26 – 39:23 Memorable moments from the launch

39:24 – 40:37 Outro