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[84] How MSPs are Partnering with Cisco for Business Success
Episode 8428th March 2021 • TubbTalk - The Podcast for IT Consultants • Richard Tubb
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In this episode, Richard is joined by Marc Inderhees, As a Service Lead, and Sayuri Sato, EMEA Managed Service Go to Market and Strategy Leader in the Partner Managed Team at Cisco, a global software and cloud solutions company.

They discuss how Cisco have evolved over the last 15 years to offer a wider range of solutions and to support MSPs in the SMB space, how they view the MSP space and why collaboration is important. 

They also explore some of Cisco’s most popular solutions – the cloud-based full stack monitoring tool Meraki, Umbrella DNS and the Duo MFA. Marc also explains how Cisco’s threat intelligence tool is second only to that used by the US government, and Sayuri suggests MSPs reach out to distributors as well as vendors.

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