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The secret to becoming a great coach with Michael Chu - Ep. 24
Episode 247th November 2022 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this enlightening episode, Michael Chu, creator and founder of Champion Development Inc, shares the lessons he’s learned from leading 5 separate 7-figure businesses and how they apply to entrepreneurs and coaches alike!

If you are a coach, fitness professional, or solopreneur, or any other service professional, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Michael Chu is the creator and founder of Champion Development Inc., the premier coaching and support program for executives, fit pros, and entrepreneurs.

His background started in direct sales leadership and over the last 15 years, he has been the CEO for 5 separate businesses that have generated over 7-figures in revenue.

Michael is also one of the only coaching mentors who still has an active and thriving health coaching business in conjunction with his business coaching programs.

Mike is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs scale their business and marketing efforts - whether you're starting from scratch or from going from six figures to seven figures.

Want to learn more about Mike’s work at Champion Development? Check out his website at