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Ep. 38 Cultivating Inclusivity: Designing Company Culture for Diverse Workstyles with Allison Conway
Episode 3830th August 2023 • On the Up and Up • Kira La Forgia
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This week Kira is joined by world traveler and brand strategist, Allison Conway. Allison candidly shares her unique experience as a successful entrepreneur with diagnosed learning and processing differences.  

Through her company, Sealevel Agency, Allison helps businesses in traditionally "vanilla" industries create a brand and marketing strategy that's fun, bold, and exciting for the business owners and their customers. Allison has been to over 40 countries, and uses all of her experiences of travel, late dyslexia and ADHD diagnoses, and commitment to being a little bit weird to show her clients how to have fun, make a lot of money, and make a big impact.

Tune in to Kira and Allison’s enlightening conversation as they delve into Allison’s entrepreneurial journey fueled by unique learning differences and defying traditional norms. They cover:

✨ How Allison built her business around the life she wanted to live, not the other way around; 

✨ The gift of hindsight and entrepreneurial wisdom through the lens of experience;

✨ The emotional journey of entrepreneurship;

✨ How undiagnosed dyslexia and ADHD diagnosis led to a lifetime of self doubt (and how a diagnosis changed everything);

✨ How the patriarchy does a disservice to women with learning differences;

✨ Setting up your company culture for people who process and work differently.

This episode is as relatable as it is raw - don’t miss it!

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