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Living a Life on Fire and Purpose with Joshua Kalinowski
24th December 2020 • The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast • By Russ Morgan & Joey Muré
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#168: Are you someone who just experienced a major life change? Maybe you lost your job, had a considerable business failure, or even a failed marriage. Whatever it was for you, know that there’s life after what you’ve just been through. Today we have Joshua Kalinowski, host of The JK Experience and a very successful businessman who lives a purposeful life. His story will bring clarity and some practical steps you can take to manage the transitions in your life. Listen to Josh’s journey so you too can find your vision, discover your greater purpose in life, become the best version of yourself, and create a legacy. 

Top 3 Things You'll Learn:

  1. Josh’s process in transforming his life and how you can do the same
  2. How to get out of your comfort zone, invest in yourself, and learn from others
  3. How to build successful businesses and raise leaders so you can do what you do best


About Joshua:

Josh Kalinowski is a former professional baseball player turned real estate agent then CEO who now runs six successful businesses. He helps leaders live a life of extraordinary impact, influence, and faith. Through his podcast, The JK Experience, Josh shares what he learns about finding inner greatness to keep moving forward towards the finish line.

To learn more from Josh, watch out for his book, Strike Three: What Do You Do When the Game’s Over But Life’s Not, coming out in 2021.


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