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Breaking the Rules
Episode 1120th May 2020 • At Home with Jackie Gibbins • Jackie Gibbins
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Rules are mostly meant to keep us safe, protected or to a schedule. Rules are pretty good things! But sometimes they get outdated and restrictive, making us uncomfortable. They just don't work anymore! So it's time to throw them out and make some new ones.

Have you ever put on a jacket or a top that has been a fave, then look at yourself and say "I hate this thing." The jacket didn't change; you did. YOu don't like faux leopard anymore. The old you did, and that's cool.

The new you wants something else. Now you just gotta go find it. You go trying on different jackets, going to different places you never went to before, maybe seeing or discovering new things and new people. And then you find your new signature jacket. BOOM!

The jacket looks great, and so do you...but oh the journey getting there was awesome. That's the real story.