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E46 [From Content Creator to Content Innovator] Expanding Your Reach with Repurposed Materials
Episode 466th July 2024 • TV Talk Show Formula • Donna Kunde
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  1. “Every episode you record is a content goldmine!” - Declan Oceguera (and friend)
  2. Become a person worth watching by repurposing your content into other formats so you can reach more of your ideal clients in new and different ways.
  3. The content you have been and will continue to create is extremely valuable! Each episode contains much more content than what happens in that small amount of time. One episode can be broken down into smaller segments and reused/reframed to provide additional value in the form of marketing material, image building and more.  
  4. Create a marketing plan and incorporate different strategies for each episode. You might consider breaking down your video into reels, using transcripts to create blog posts and ebooks or creating audiograms and podcasts from your interviews. 
  5. [TAKE ACTION] Do this now! Research (and learn) the different ways to repurpose your content and create your first marketing plan. 

Remember, if you want direct, live support from us for your TV Talk Show, then contact us today at

Each week we will walk through an easy-to-follow, proven, plug-and-play way to get YOUR podcast done, 13 minutes at a time, in just 13 weeks.

So follow the formula each week. And welcome to the show.


Declan Oceguera

International TV Producer & Talk Show Host, Visionary Media Institute Founder 

Declan Oceguera is a video and TV Talk Show Host whose TV Talk Show Formula has impacted over 100,000 lives globally and gives business owners and entrepreneurs a simple way to make a positive impact while sharing their vision and services with an aligned audience. Via his flagship training program, The Authority & Visibility Accelerator, Declan shows visionary authors, coaches and course creators how to transform their life experiences into attention-getting videos that magnetize their ideal customers. Declan’s life mission is to elevate consciousness in the world and that’s why he teaches heart-centered experts how to broadcast their brilliance by hosting their own TV show. If you’d like to learn more about the TV Talk Show Formula, contact Declan today for an exploration call. 

Donna Kunde

Global Radio Authority & Podcast Expert, IBGR Co-Founder

Donna Kunde is a podcast host & radio personality who has produced almost 14,000 podcasts, while elevating businesses, with more than 300,000 downloads (to date). So with her own international business radio station (and network), Donna is amplifying more than 70 experts (in 14 countries), reaching listeners in more than 180 countries, and delivering worldwide transformation, every single day. Donna is all about taking proven wisdom and applying it, 13 minutes at a time. Then turning that into a podcast AND book, in just 20 weeks. (It’s called the Influencers Formula.) If you’d like to learn more about the Influencers Formula for your business, contact Donna today.




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