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Andre Afamasaga: My Jesus
Episode 65th March 2021 • Enough Room • Dan and Jo
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In this episode we join Dan and Jo as they continue their conversation with Andre Afamasaga.

There is something about Jesus that makes Him so attractive to people like Dan, Jo and Andre. There's something about the story of an outcast from Nazareth that speaks to their own stories and experiences as Gay Adventist Christians.

Yet the Jesus we see in the bible is not always who is always portrayed by people who claim to be christians. Culture and politics have over time changed what it means to be a Jesus follower. From a God who includes the outcasts, He is now often portrayed as a God who is obsessed with what people wear or who they love for example.

Join us as we peel back the veil of culture, time, and tradition to look boldly at the one who loved us first. Join us as we look at the Jesus that so many LGBTQI+ christians relate to and call their personal friend.

This is my Jesus.

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