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Episode 139 – The Life of a Freelance Journalist with Gordy Megroz
Episode 13913th May 2021 • The Jackson Hole Connection • Stephan C. Abrams
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In this week’s episode of the Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan chats with Gordy Megroz. Gordy is a freelance journalist based in Jackson. His work can be found in publications such as Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, WIRED, and SKI. He is also the author of the forthcoming book, “100 Slopes of a Lifetime” which is being published by National Geographic and is due out in October.

In this episode, Gordy shares how he eventually landed in Jackson via Vermont. Gordy talks about his path to becoming a freelance writer, which included an internship at Outside Magazine that helped pave the way. Gordy dives into some of his investigative pieces, one of which tackles cheating in marathons. Stephan and Gordy also talk about his upcoming book “100 Slopes of a Lifetime” which has compiled the ultimate skier and snowboarder bucket list. 

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The story Gordy wrote for WIRED that is referenced in the interview can be found here: Going the Distance (and Beyond) to Catch Marathon Cheaters

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