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How to Create an Endless Stream of Listing Opportunities (w/ Jesse Burrell)
Episode 55817th April 2023 • Real Estate Business Builders • Real Estate B-School
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The real estate industry has experienced a significant decrease in the number of houses sold compared to previous years, resulting in many agents leaving the industry. In this low inventory environment, Jesse Burrell offers valuable advice to agents who want to stay and thrive.

You'll learn:

→ How to work with investors and find more opportunities in your listings

→ How to be more productive with your time and give yourself more options when looking for sellers

→ Why core values and vision matter so much when scaling and growing your team or business

Guest Bio

Jesse Burrell is a 10+ year experienced entrepreneur, an active investor in multiple startup companies, owner of a multi-million-dollar data company, and $40+ million in pipeline development projects. He got lots of credibility within the real estate investment community.

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