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The Storyteller's Storyteller with George Tannenbaum
Episode 1318th October 2021 • Brand Story • Steve Gilman
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George Tannenbaum is an advertising icon and true veteran in the world of copywriting. Having spent nearly four decades in the world of advertising and creative direction for the world’s top brands, he shares his journey of moving from working for a renowned ad agency to now working for himself — and what he’s learned along the way. 

Everyone has a story. Brand Story exists to help leaders across the country and the globe tell theirs. But, we never want it to end there. In fact, the magic of Story truly happens when you immerse yourself into the journey of another’s. It’s then you’ll find not only are you captivated by their journey, but you start to see how all of our human stories carry common themes. And it’s those very themes that ultimately connect us no matter where our story — or another’s — goes.

We invite you to find your story as you explore the ones we're sharing here on Brand Story.

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