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Unf*ck My Business - Unfuck My Business EPISODE 11, 5th January 2021
Fuck Your Business Plan
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Fuck Your Business Plan

"Can you get a whole bite of it without making the whole cake? And that's how you know, you're onto something. And that's how you can get real, tangible feedback on your direction."

At UFMB we've seen our fair share of overly-long,overly-complicated business plans. We've also seen businesses put way too much effort into those business plans without first asking "Does anyone even need this?" So, fuck your business plan! Let's evaluate your business viability first. Take a bite of the hamburger before trying to build the whole damn thing. Click here to download the PDF and follow along with our 4 steps.

In this episode: Chris Delaney, Jenn Bolivar, Chris 'Jinx' Jenkins


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