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CyberBytes: RSA 2024 Edition: Harmonic Security with Alastair Paterson
Episode 904th June 2024 • CyberBytes: The Podcast • Powered by Aspiron Search
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Alastair Paterson and his Co-founder Brian Woolgar-O’Neil were the youngest company to be part of this year's competition, which is a testament to what the team is doing in the GenAI Cybersecurity space. 

Alastair and I sat down for an episode of CyberBytes: The Podcast RSA Edition and he took me through… 

  • 12 years of building and exiting DigitalShadows to ReliaQuest 
  • The surprisingly fast itch to start something new after a successful exit 
  • The tough lessons of DigitalShadows that are making his 2nd venture simpler 
  • How the UK start-up scene was a hindrance and being in Silicon Valley makes things much easier 

Having spent time with Alastair at BlackHat 2023 after they came out of stealth, it was great to record this and talk about how far the business has come in such a short space of time. 

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