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3 Hard Truths To Stop The Cycle Of Dysfunction
Episode 14925th July 2023 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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In this episode, Mark and Joey dive deep into the cycle of dysfunction among men dealing with marital challenges. They discuss the need for self-empowerment and clarity about your identity. They encourage brutal honesty, emphasizing the importance of personal growth before seeking reconciliation. Mark and Joey also urge you to focus on becoming empowered and setting boundaries, regardless of the outcome of your relationships.

Episode Summary:

  • Intro to the episode. 0:03
  • Welcome to the next level of empowered AF 2.0.
  • The cycle of dysfunction.
  • What were the stories you were telling yourself before dysfunction happened? 2:16
  • What guys were telling themselves before this dysfunction happened.
  • The first time in history, everyone was good.
  • How am I supposed to show up when I'm in limbo? 5:06
  • Polarizing question, how am I supposed to show up?
  • Lack of identity and limbo.
  • Deer in the headlights. 7:44
  • Trauma entering the body and what to do with it.
  • Playing the victim card.
  • Fake it 'til you make it.
  • Focus on the goals in front of you.
  • Can I just please fuck you one time. 12:19
  • Her leaving is not the real problem.
  • How to approach your wife.
  • The saddest thing I’ve ever seen. 14:38
  • The saddest thing ever seen in a marriage.
  • How to set boundaries.
  • What happens when you start to value yourself. 16:54
  • Some of us are addicted to toxic relationships.
  • The George Jefferson story.
  • Empowerment is more valuable than personal empowerment.
  • Acceptance is more important than being needy.
  • When do you approach the conversation with your wife? 22:12
  • How to approach a conversation with his wife.
  • How to deal with situational pain.
  • Clarifying the boundaries that you need. 24:54
  • The shame cycle that men go through.
  • The first thing to do is clarify boundaries.
  • Wake up and book a call. 27:46
  • Get on with one of their concierge.
  • Dedicate and focus on yourself and your kids.
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