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Growing up in Post Soviet Ukraine, Studying in America and Winning the Green Card Lottery - Alex Vlasin
Episode 1784th September 2022 • The Walkshow • Walker Neer
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This week we are exploring the walk of life with a man who grew up in Ukraine and is now a permanent resident in the US after moving here in 2014, Alex Vlasin.  Alex takes us through his experience of growing up in Ukraine in the 90s and what life was like following the end of the Soviet Union.  In high school Alex moved to the United States as a foreign exchange student for a year which would ultimately serve as a precursor to his eventual permanent move to the US in 2014.   Alex provides a very personal account of the political circumstances in Ukraine and some incredibly frightening first hand accounts of the conflicts that have been ongoing for nearly a decade.  I love this conversation so much and am thrilled to be able to learn and share Alex’s story with you.  Alex is a delightful person to be around and I am humbled to be a part of life tapestry.

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