Shifting Consciousness, The Power of Ceremony & The Evolution of the Ayahuasca Tradition with Founder of the Ayahuasca Foundation Carlos Tanner - 13
Episode 133rd March 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Live Free Laura D
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After struggling with addiction, Carlos Tanner heeded the call to sit with grandmother ayahuasca in Peru, knowing this would be his path of healing. Shortly after that, he was invited to move into a shaman's home and apprenticed with him for 4 years. This eventually led him to start the Ayahuasca Foundation in 2009, offering retreats and educational training programs within the Shipibo lineage. 

In this conversation, we explore some nuanced and complex topics, including:

  • The misunderstanding we have around the concept of “tradition” 
  • Understanding trauma from a shamanic perspective 
  • How ceremony acts as a catalyst for enhancing consciousness
  • Do these sacred plant medicines discriminate between skin color and language spoken? 
  • The placebo effect and the role that consciousness plays in the healing process
  • How consciousness profoundly influences our experience of reality 
  • The understanding of trauma from a shamanic perspective
  • How we have forgotten that we are inherently a part of nature
  • The ayahuasca foundations 4 and 8-week programs.


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