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Dune - Chapter 31
Episode 325th November 2020 • Spice World • Spice World
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With chakobsa and kung-fu Jessica takes control of a delicate situation. Mike and Derek brush up on their glossary game while a flurry of words are exchanged. Once Jessica orders Paul to climb down, it seems she's won us passage with the Fremen after all. Plans and expectations are shifting like the dunes. Before long Stilgar has us packing up and marching out single file. We take one look back at Fairyland and crack open a literjon. Farrukh joins us for a lively talk about...

-Judo Chop!

-The Fremen want to get Weird,

-Chani, a hill Mike is willing to die on,

-Then it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a GURNEY!

Episode Guide

04:25 Chapter Summary Begins

01:18:40 Chani, Daughter of Liet

01:42:10 Gurney, Gurney, Gurney

01:46:30 Charles Raymond Gurney a.k.a. Bob Gurney

02:06:20 Giovani Distrans and Package Delivery


Kung Fu Girl


"A kung-fu kick to the face."

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