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Episode 46 - Choosing to Hold Happy
Episode 4614th November 2023 • Choosing Happy • Heather Masters
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Choosing Happy Podcast: Thriving Amidst Global Shifts and Awakening your Inner Power

In this episode of the 'Choosing Happy Podcast', Heather talks about handling personal change and the global shifts currently taking place. She doesn't shy away from tough topics like fear and awakening, and guides listeners on how to navigate the tumultuous times with spiritual alignment, intuition, and manifestation techniques. Drawing from her personal journey to spirituality, Heather emphasizes on the importance of self-care in maintaining high energy and shutting out fear. Heather also announces the launch of the 'Awakened Entrepreneur Community' for like-minded people to discuss and support each other in recognizing their purpose amidst global shifts.

00:01 Introduction to the Podcast

00:48 Personal Updates and New Services

01:38 The Importance of Beliefs, Values, and Identity

02:59 The Power of Critical Thinking

03:55 The Role of Beliefs in Our Lives

04:23 The Power of Opposing Opinions

05:05 The Journey into Spirituality

05:32 The Role of Fear in Our Lives

06:24 The Impact of Changing Environments

10:21 How to Stay Centered Amidst Global Changes

10:50 The Power of Visualization and Manifestation

12:10 The Importance of Focusing on What You Want

12:35 The Power of Love and Oneness

15:39 The Importance of Self-Care and Positive Focus

18:42 The Launch of the Awakened Entrepreneur Community

19:24 Final Thoughts and Future Outlook

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