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MicroFamous - Matt Johnson 24th December 2020
Monkey See, Monkey Do Marketing
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Monkey See, Monkey Do Marketing

As we come into a new year and we’re thinking of what to do to grow our businesses, there’s one urge we need to resist at all costs, Monkey See, Monkey Do Marketing.  

A lot of people base their marketing on what they see other people doing, without questioning if those tactics actually work for them, and if they fit seamlessly with the rest of their marketing.  

What they end up with is a marketing strategy made up of bolted on pieces that don’t fit or work well together. This is evident in many marketing strategies we see, and even in sport. 

When we jump onto every marketing bandwagon, we end up with a playbook of stuff that doesn’t fit together, a grab bag of tactics. We end up on the hamster wheel of constantly trying new things, failing and moving onto something else. 

Monkey see, Monkey Do Marketing tactics don’t last, and they take us away from what matters, staying focused on our Clear and Compelling Idea.  

The goal in marketing should be having a cohesive, integrated system where everything has a purpose and fits into a whole. The best marketing systems and offensive systems in football and basketball have this in common.

In this episode, I share examples of Monkey See, Monkey Do Marketing, and why we it’s a trap we have to resist.