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Finding Friendly Forces – Secrets to Operating in Mexico & Beyond | Lee Oughton
Episode 1414th April 2021 • The Circuit Magazine Podcast • BBA Corporate Ltd
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When you think of Mexico you think drugs, cartels, extortion, kidnapping, murder, but what’s really going on under the hood? Navigating a new country and learning to effectively operate in completely foreign surroundings can be challenging for any CPO. That’s why it’s crucial that we get local knowledge and atmospherics from the operators that are out there on the ground.

In this episode, we chat with Mr. Lee, Oughton COO of Fortress Risk Management and co-founder of the Kindness Games to get the inside scoop on operating in Mexico as an international EP provider. He will drop the ins and outs and the do's and don'ts of what to consider whenever you operate somewhere new.  

In this show, we’ll be discussing:

  • Understanding the realities of operating in Mexico & avoiding the pitfalls.
  • Adopting a low profile - does a CEO require a B6 armored vehicle?
  • What you need to know about The Unions or Syndicados of Mexico
  • Tips on finding support, friendly forces, and how to get the local community onside

Tune in as Lee shares a wealth of gems with us and as he aptly puts it…

“It's about understanding your environment - there's a lot of vulnerabilities, there are a ton of risks and you really need to bring your A-game every single day.”

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More about Lee:

Lee Oughton is a board-certified and recognized positive, proactive, and dynamic C-Suite Executive with a highly successful international career in security and risk management. He has a proven and successful track record working extensively within corporate and high-risk environments and adeptly navigating the lifecycle management of projects ranging from building company security infrastructure to vendor management. He is currently the COO Fortress Risk Management where he operates as a champion strategist building programs, and formulating policies and procedures designed to minimize exposure to risks, threats, vulnerabilities & associated consequences to enterprises. Lee utilizes his strong skills in communication and negotiation to influence high-level decisions and to build strategic relationships with executives, key decision-makers, customers, service providers, and law enforcement agencies. 

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