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51. The Power of Self-Love in Leadership, Negotiation, and Career Growth with guest expert Nadia De Ala
Episode 5119th July 2023 • Her Next Career Move • Jasmine Escalera
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"Being a leader is self-love."

On today's heartwarming and empowering episode, Dr. Jasmine is joined by leadership expert Nadia De Ala. Together, they talk about a powerful career changer: loving yourself. When you love yourself, you can bring the most authentic version of yourself into the workplace. Packed with tips on how to see our leaders and ourselves in order to create psychologically safe spaces, Dr. Jasmine and Nadia engage in a dialogue that inspires some deep reflection. 

Nadia De Ala is a leadership & negotiation coach and consultant that has dedicated her practice to uplifting women of color leaders and educating organizations committed to affirming the full humanity of their team members. 

She's a self-described "ex-techie" who often felt the isolating impact of being the only woman and/or person of color within teams and entire organizations. As a leader and a mentor, she's leveraged her experiences and expertise to equip professionals with inclusive leadership strategies and empower BIPOC women and femmes with guidance to thrive in the workplace. Her "keep it real" and authentic coaching and leadership style empowers professionals to intuitively navigate the corporate world with confidence to transform their careers, lives, and impact. 

Nadia is on a mission to close the leadership and pay gap for all WOC by empowering leaders and managers to create workplaces everyone can thrive in and courageously live a life according to their highest values, vision, and purpose.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

  • Nadia's origin story
  • How she helps her clients
  • How self-love and career growth are connected
  • Letting go of what's not yours
  • Cultivating self-love practices in the workplace
  • Showing compassion in creating a safe space
  • Hopes for the future of the workplace


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