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The Absolute Best Ways to Get Restaurant Costs Under Control
Episode 3826th January 2022 • The Restaurant Prosperity Formula • David Scott Peters
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Sometimes it feels like it’s getting harder and harder to make money in the restaurant industry as an independent restaurant. Well, that's because it is. You’re dealing with rising food and beverage costs, increased labor costs, a labor shortage, costs forced on you by third-party delivery services and so much more. That’s the reality of the restaurant industry. But with the right approach, you can run a successful, popular restaurant that also makes you money. The secret is to take a proactive approach. In this episode of Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I’m going to explain what that means, how you do it, the numbers you need to know and target, and the different paths you can take to get there. I even provide examples of how some of the restaurant owners I work with each week have taken on these big challenges and the proactive decisions they’ve made to overcome them. 

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