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17 | Dr. Yooson Kim | How To Build A Thriving Dental Practice
28th May 2024 • Fingerprints On Success • Bill Barrett
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Ever wonder what it takes to transform a small dental practice into a thriving success? In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, we delve into the extraordinary story of Dr. Yooson Kim, an immigrant who turned her dreams into reality by building a dental empire from scratch.

Dr. Kim is a renowned dentist and entrepreneur who has built nine successful dental practices and a med spa. Starting her journey in the United States as a teenager, she overcame numerous challenges to become a leader in her field. 

In this episode, she discusses the initial obstacles she overcame and the innovative strategies she implemented to build a reputable and flourishing practice. She sheds light on the transformative impact of technology in dentistry and talks about how she balances her professional ambitions with personal commitments.

Don't miss this inspiring conversation filled with insights on entrepreneurship, patient care, and the evolving world of dentistry. Tune in to hear Dr. Kim's story and learn from her experiences.

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • Dr. Kim's dental innovation and entrepreneurial journey

  • Entrepreneurship in dentistry, building relationships, and constant learning

  • Maintaining a balance between personal life and professional responsibilities

  • Communication skills, mindset, and resilience in professional settings

  • Mentorship, leading by example, and paying it forward

  • AI's impact on dentistry and healthcare: potential benefits and drawbacks

  • And so much more...


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