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388 | Alignment Plan vs. Budget
Episode 38818th March 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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When it comes to creating a budget, the word itself already has a stressful and negative feeling. With Cayla’s help, change your budget to an alignment plan. How do you do that and why does it matter? This episode is full of actionable steps to take to help manage your money in a way to support your desired lifestyle. Cayla is passionate about leaving a legacy for her children and in this discussion, she shows us how to be intentional about wealth creation.

Leave the seeds of scarcity behind and speak abundance over your budget with simple steps to help you be more disciplined, intentional, and on the path to financial freedom.

You will learn:

  • [1:56] - A lot of people have misconceptions about a budget.
  • [2:36] - Wording matters.
  • [3:01] - Avoid planting the seed of scarcity.
  • [4:15] - Discipline in any area of your life is going to bring you freedom.
  • [5:26] - What will it look like for you to have financial freedom? It will look different for everyone.
  • [6:40] - Plan for the lifestyle of your children. Intentional long term planning is important.
  • [8:01] - If money is your master right now, decide to make the mindset change.
  • [9:10] - Know the expenses for your lifestyle.
  • [11:01] - Don’t do things the way you’ve always done them and expect a change.
  • [12:47] - You might look at your expenses for your desired lifestyle and realize you don’t have enough. How can you earn more?
  • [13:38] - After making your expense sheet, how can you stick to it?
  • [14:40] - Cayla gives a strategy if you tend to spend a lot.
  • [16:40] - It sounds super structured and it is. Be intentional about your wealth creation.
  • [18:00] - It is important to Cayla to give her kids a leg up.
  • [19:49] - Life is already hard. Try to make it easier for your kids by leaving a legacy.

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