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1119 StoryTellers with a Message - Lorrie Grant
Episode 111925th July 2022 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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Storytellers With a Message

 Lorrie Grant

Have you ever heard your parents or grandparents tell stories of their life and experiences? I have. I was raised by my grandparents for a good part of my life. I still remember sitting on the porch with my grandfather as he would reminisce. I loved those times and I still hold them precious.

I share those stories of his and some of my own with my grandchildren (my kids have heard them all before and just roll their eyes now)!  But my grandkids, I wanted to share the stories with them so, perhaps, they might just share them with their children and grandchildren when I’m no longer here.

Why am I bringing all of this up? I’m so glad you asked!

Our guest today is Lorrie Grant. Lorrie is a natural born story teller! I’ve read some of her blogs and they are amazing! You get sucked right into the story! Amen!

Lorrie is also an author of three published children’s books, “Why is There an Elephant in My Basement?” “Little White Flies” and “I Am Beautiful Too.”

She is also a podcast host!  Praise God!  Her podcast is called, “Story Tellers with a Message.” Amen!

My first question I always start with is this. Other than that brief information I just shared, can you tell us in your own words, “Who is Lorrie Grant?”

I read on your website that you almost failed Freshman English in college. Is that right?

Can you tell us what first led you into writing?

When I read that on your website, that reminded me of those times with my grandfather, which is why I opened with those comments. Those really are precious memories. I know you’re wanting to pass them on to your children and I think you’re onto something with these books.

Tell us about the book, “Why is There an Elephant in My Basement?”  What is that about?

What is the point of the book? What is the take away for your readers?

What age group are you targeting with your books and your writing?  Who is it you are writing for?

The book, “Little White Flies,” I’ve heard of “Little White Lies,” but what is the “Little White Flies” about?

Your book, “I Am Beautiful Too,” this is a book about self-image and things like that, correct?  How do you communicate that message with this story?

What is coming up next? What books are you working on now?

You are also a podcaster!  Tell us about your podcast, “Story Tellers with a Message?”

How long have you been podcasting?

What is the format and do you have guests?

Lorrie, this is all so interesting. I feel I could talk to you for hours about this stuff. It’s really great.

Lorrie, this has been great. Where can someone order your books? Are they on Amazon?

If someone wanted to get in touch with you, to ask a question or maybe to do an interview like this, how can they do that? How can someone get in touch with you?

Folks, as I started this interview, I told you a story about my grandfather telling me stories, and how I have passed them and some of my life stories and experiences down to my kids and grandkids as well.

That is what Lorrie Grant has done through her writing and her stories are so insightful and they will make you laugh and say, “Me, too!” to some of them. They really are great and they are very easy to read in just a couple of minutes.

I urge you to go to her website and sign up to receive her blog posts. Be sure to check out her podcast by clicking the link below as well. And you most definitely need to order her books. Those links are down below as well. Order copies for your kids, your grandkids, the next door neighbor kids and even for your Sunday School classes. These books are great for reading to a group or individually and they are very impactful in the lessons conveyed through story telling.

Remember, Jesus was a story teller, too. Amen!  And we are talking about His stories 2000 years after the fact!  Be sure to order Lorrie Grant’s books right now and then, possibly sign up to tell YOUR story on her podcast!  Praise God!  Your experiences need to be told too. Amen!

Just use the links down below to order the books and sign up for the blog posts and to get in touch with Lorrie Grant right now. Amen!





Book:  “Why is There an Elephant in My Basement?” – on Amazon

Book:  “Little White Flies” – on Amazon

Book:  “I Am Beautiful Too” – on Amazon