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Meet Your Host: Carrie Tollefson
Episode 113th February 2024 • Journey Together • Carrie Tollefson
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Welcome to Agora Sports Network, a community that connects and unites past and present Olympians to positively impact youth sport athletes and their families. We are so excited to introduce you to your host Carrie Tollefson, a member of the 2004 Summer Olympic team.

In this episode:

[01:18] Carrie Tollefson takes us back and shares about her Olympic experience. 

[02:55] Learn about her early competition years and what sports she played. 

[04:02] When did she know that track and field and running were going to be the sports for her? 

[05:34] Did she realize the Olympics were a true possibility for her? 

[07:24] What were some of the sacrifices she made on her road to the Olympics? 

[09:04] How did she approach any unexpected challenges that came up? 

[10:44] Has the Olympic experience impacted her perspective on sports and life? 

[13:31] Is there anything she would have done differently on her road to the Olympics? 

[15:12] What led to her current career in broadcasting and podcasting? 

[19:05] Are her kids athletes as well? 

[21:05] What kinds of life lessons does she hope her kids learn from sports? 

[22:22] How does she help her kids manage their anxiety and nerves? 

[23:46] Does she have tips for balancing sport with academics? 

[25:22] Carrie’s advice for youth and college sports moms. 

[26:07] Her advice for youth and college sport athletes. 

[26:32] One thing she’d tell her younger self.

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