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Why Great Britain built an airport in Newfoundland
Episode 21st October 2021 • History of Gander • Jack Pinsent
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In our discussion on why Great Britain decided to build the airport, later to became known as Gander, much of the information was gleaned from a book written by Robert Stone, A Newfoundland writer, entitled ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’. In his writings, he researched the need for Great Britain’s requirement to have political control over the government of Newfoundland in order for the airport to be a success. Therefore bringing up an unanswered question, ‘was the bankruptcy of Newfoundland orchestrated’?  Whether or not, if such a political move was actually made, was it good or bad ? This could be a future discussion by more learned scholars. Considering the facts that WWII was not part of any decisions made and also after the war, the airport was to be given back to Newfoundland for a minimal fee, we will explore bringing up this subject again in the future, maybe in another environment.