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Counter Talks Episode #37: Insurance Assured – Josh Nickell, ARA, and Brock Pennel, Westland Insurance
Episode 4025th July 2022 • Counter Talks • Canadian Rental Service
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Insuring rental operations for fleet loss and liability has always been a special challenge and now the American Rental Association has stepped up with a members-only product for its Canadian members. The ARA has partnered with insurance providers to make insurance available to its U.S. members for many years, but now it is working with Westland, a B.C.-based insurance broker, to make a rental-focused product available to Canadians, too. Brock Pennel of Westland and Josh Nickell of the ARA join CounterTalks to discuss the special challenges of insurance in equipment and event rentals, the product Westland will be offering, ways for rental stores to mitigate risk, how insurance works and much more.