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Salamone - Michael Salamone EPISODE 123, 10th November 2020
Salamone (the podcast) ep. 123 with guest Wendi Muse

Salamone (the podcast) ep. 123 with guest Wendi Muse

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Michael Salamone chats with Wendi Muse, founder of Left POCket Project about her work studying historical leftists of color and Black led leftist movements in context of the 2020 election results.

Wendi Muse is a PhD candidate at NYU in history, specifically studying Black and Brown leftist movements. Through her Left POCket Project she aims to educate others on these topics through a reading list and podcast.

Left POCket Project podcasts can be found on Apple podcasts, SoundCloud and so many more services. Michael is a big fan of their podcast and often refers to it as "the most educational podcast out there."

Wendi can be found on Twitter @MuseWendi and Left POCket Project at @LeftPOC. LeftPOC is also on Facebook and Patreon.