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Listener Mailbag | "What are career path advancement opportunities as a BT?"
Episode 4528th September 2021 • BT Focus • Centria Autism
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Welcome to a special "Listener Mailbag" episode where we answer your questions! Today's question:

  • "What are some career path advancement opportunities as a BT?"

Areas we explore:

  • Pursuing your RBT certification within your current behavior technician role (Hint! Subscribe to our "RBT Mini Series" to learn more!)
  • Considering a BCaBA or BCBA certification - Visit the BACB website to learn more
  • Centria BTs! Check out our "BT Resource Center" on the Pulse to learn about all of our University Partners for educational benefit opportunities!
  • Visit our Centria Careers Page to learn more about other career opportunities within the organization

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