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#053: How to Grow Your Guitar Studio with Group Lessons feat. Daniel Patterson
9th June 2023 • TopMusicGuitar Podcast • Tim Topham
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Welcome to another episode of the podcast, where we dive into the world of group lessons with Daniel Patterson, the founder of Grow Your Music Studio. With over a decade of teaching experience, Daniel has not only built a successful studio but also dedicated himself to helping other music schools and studios overcome common industry challenges. Throughout our conversation, we explore what led Daniel to shift his focus from teaching to coaching. He discussed the importance of mentorship and guidance in his own journey and when he felt ready to coach others with their businesses.

We also delve into the intriguing topic of building a 7-figure studio versus operating as a solo teacher. He also shared how he  effectively communicates the benefits of group lessons to initially resistant individuals. Join us as we discover Daniel’s insights on fostering strong student relationships in a group setting, as well as his thoughts and core beliefs surrounding practice expectations.

  • Daniel gave us an overview of his journey, transitioning from a piano teacher to a business coach.
  • What motivated him to relinquish his thriving studio and concentrate on the coaching aspect.
  • The crucial value of coaching, guidance, and mentorship been for him throughout his journey.
  • At what stage did he feel confident enough to coach others with their businesses?
  • Daniel’s thoughts on the topic of building a 7-figure studio versus operating as a solo teacher.
  • How he effectively communicates with someone who’s initially resistant to group lessons and persuade them to consider the benefits and give it a try.
  • How does Daniel make his group lessons better than his competitors’ private lessons?
  • Building strong relationships with his students in a group setting vs one-on-one time in private lessons.
  • Daniel’s thoughts and core beliefs around practice expectations.
Guests Links Guitar Teaching Resources Mentioned Today’s Guest Meet Daniel Patterson, the founder of He began teaching piano in 2004. After a decade of teaching, he began to help other music studios and schools solve common problems that plague our industry. He has helped hundreds of music schools and private studios with increasing their student count and revenue. Additionally, he has helped hundreds of studios convert to a multi-level group lesson model. Click here to find out more about TopMusicGuitar Membership   Thank you for tuning in!

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