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The Ethical Evolution Podcast - Ethical Change Agency EPISODE 68, 13th June 2021
Ethical Intimacy with Tziporah Kingsbury
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Ethical Intimacy with Tziporah Kingsbury

I found my next guest online and knew the moment I found her that yet another incredible connection was about to occur despite the distance.

Tziporah Kingsbury is a Somatic Intimacy and Relationship Educator and Breathwork Specialist based in Oregon, USA. She has also consulted as a ‘Love Guru’ on tv’s The Bachelor. Through the Redefining Intimacy Method, her work guides adults of all genders home to the place where they feel most connected, at ease in their body, and grounded confidence in their self-worth.

Through our discussion it became clear that Tziporah and I had a lot in common and I hope you also get some gold out of this conversation.

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