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FORMULA INDIE 20.01.2022
20th January 2022 • Formula Indie • European Indie Music Network
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Ollie Twohill – Boots

Gaardens – The Funeral Party

Dainis Tenis - momentum II

Heather Armstrong – Bells in the Wind

Saphira – 1000 Colors Sky

Departure – Hipocampo

Mostgood – Who Owns Your Love?

Already Legends – Take Control Intro

Claire Odogbo – Robed in Righteousness

Marco Guella – Tu sei

Lorenzo Gabanizza feat. Jeff Christie "You're Not There"

CJXY (Ft. Rory Eyre) – Show me love

Aleandro Solari – Bullo omofobo razzista

Volo Altissimo - Alea Iacta Est

Phil Joseph – Babe you are mine Summer Mix

Siriaz y Malo – Cleopatra

Melissa Pettignano – Blessed Lord Jesus

Bless Parco Rodriguez – Magick Wand

Vineet – PFT. Party From Home

Figli di Eva - La scoperta dell'America

Chuckling Pies – Pegasus

Chiara Alesci – Aria

Matthew Schultz – Can't Stop

Mike P Fitzpatrick – Why Complain feat. Sarah Teibo & Tony Pruitt

Grand River Sound - WHERE I BELONG (featuring Dallas Norrie)

Derade – Waiting

Federica Tallinucci e Alessandro Tolone – Soli all'unanimità

Lance Mitchell – Poison

Matilde G - Più ti vivo

Lady Redneck "Don't Try To Take Our Guns"

José Strata - Proprio Senza Me

Jay Elle "Tequila Kiss"